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Machining and precision mechanics

Precision machining of your mechanical parts

Equipped with a large and varied machine park, REXO offers two distinct activities, sheet metal work and machining.

Our clients thus benefit from a single point of contact, integrating two complementary and often linked dimensions. The sheet metal parts can then be machined again or assembled with various separately machined elements.

REXO can meet many machining requirements:

Parts on plans

Parts to the model

Co-design and improvement of parts

Machining from single parts to medium series

steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, bronze and various plastics (polyamide, polypropylene, etc.)

Treatments and finishes


Our design office can receive your files, transform and modify them before manufacturing.






Precision machining

REXO can machine your mechanical parts in prototypes, unit parts, small and medium series, in all usual materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, etc…).

Co-design machining

Our design office allows us to intervene at your side in co-design or improvement of your parts to be machined.

Precision mechanics and sheet metal work

The machining of mechanical parts can take place during the production of fine sheet metal work with the integrated production of a complete assembly.

A machine park allowing the machining of large parts

REXO’s extensive production capacity, consisting of both CNC and traditional high-performance machines, increases efficiency and the quality of its products and services.

Somab Diam 850 4-axis NC machining center

  • Maximum part length (X): 850 mm
  • Maximum part width (Y): 600 mm
  • Maximum workpiece height (Z): 560 mm
  • Table surface : 1000 x 500
  • Maximum table load: 700 kg

2-axis CN lathe Somab Transmab 450

  • Maximum machining length (X): 860 mm
  • Maximum passage width (Y): 1000 mm
  • Maximum diameter : 320 mm
  • Spindle bore: Ø 73 mm
  • Collet chuck: Ø 60 mm

Mortising machine


  • Stroke : 150 mm



  • Compatibility with most CAD software

Machining and precision mechanics

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