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Integration and assembly

Precision sheet metal work and industrial sheet metal work

Assembly and integration…

REXO completes its sheet metal machining offer with an assembly and integration service.

For the assembly, our team has the skills to assemble or wire cabinets, boxes or electrical and electrotechnical stations.

REXO can also take care of the supply of mechanical and electrical components.

As for integration, we offer our customers :

Product identification



Specific packaging


Why choose REXO for your assemblies and integrations in thin sheet metal?

Choosing REXO for your fine sheet metal work means...

Benefit from advice for a solution perfectly adapted to your needs.

Benefit from the know-how of an expert team, even for your complex projects.

Benefit from a reactivity and reliability in meeting the announced deadlines.

Benefit from a set of integrated services at the best cost.

All our fine sheet metal activities

The expertise of our team, our technical means and our partners allow REXO to bring the right solution to your project.


Chassis and mechanical welding

Integration and assembly

Electrical supports

Bins, tanks and furniture


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